pocket full of

teach pre-k to teens, how to deal with their feelings!  

Feelings are real and something we feelWhat matters the most is the way that we deal™.

meltdowns, temper tantrums, time outs, yelling…. sound familiar? 

Turn tantrums into teachable moments with pff!


 Feelings are real and Poffer helps you deal!

In 3 simple steps, pff will help kids:

1. Learn...

To identify and define feelings

2. Grow...

By understanding how feelings cause behavior 

3. Change...

As they learn from Poffer to positively deal with how they feel

Here are the benefits..

Raise EQ for academic and life success
Deal with difficult behavior
Improve relationships

    Preparing children emotionally is the greatest gift you can give your kids for a happy & successful life!


    Don't Just Take Our Word for It

    Just like reading literacy, emotional literacy is a key element to a child's overall success. Pff is an effective and unique approach that will teach children the abc's of their emotions and improve behavior as a result!

      • "
        Parenting is giving your children the tools to succeed in life. Pocket Full of Feelings equips the family with these valuable tools!
        Dr. William Sears Pediatrician and famous author of over 30 books for families (Meet Dr. Sears)
      • "
        I am blown away! pff is brilliant! Overall, I believe that anyone could jump right in and begin putting pff to use after reading it!
        Anne Marie Jennisen Mother of 4 (See her Testimonial here)
      • "
        Dr. Ann Corwin is a child development specialist and has helped so many families with their children's behavior. I find her and her partners approach through pff to be very relevant and to the root cause of behavior!
        Lori Moe CUSD Adult School Parent-Child Participation Instructor, Parent Education Coordinator
      • "
        Pocket Full of Feelings is a tangible representation of the brilliance and love Dr. Ann has demonstrated in her work with families throughout her career. Now Poffer & the poffs will take her message to more families than she could ever reach alone.
        Lucy Long Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction, Educator and Grandmother
      • "
        Pff is needed in every home and K-3 classroom because it helps every child build a solid foundation to deal with life. Children learn how to enjoy successes and cope through challenges. This ability will help ensure success in school and beyond.
        Kelly Cedo Title I Coordinator, Virginia Beach
      • "
        Currently I have mostly toddler and preschool age children in my care. I am, utilizing the pff program in helping the children, learn their colors, and put words to the emotions we are all experiencing. I have incorporated the program into my monthly lessons and we add the emotion to the colors we are learning. The parents are also working with the kids and stating that it actually helps curb emotional break downs. The program is absolutely wonderful!
        Schlee Loomis M.S, Greatest Little Wonders Child Care

    Pff is brought to you by Ann Corwin, M.Ed., Ph.D., who has been working with children and families for over 35 years to strengthen and problem solve, and Karin Lombardo, M.A., a mom who has experienced first hand the benefits of raising emotional literate children.