Understanding the Emotions before the Explosions !

pff is for pre-K to teens and will:

  • Raise EQ for School and Life Success
  • Deal with Difficult Behavior
  • Improve Relationships

In 3 simple steps, Poffer, the wise pff owl, will help kids:


1. Learn... to identify and define their feelings.


2. Grow... by understanding how feelings cause them to behave.


3. Change... as they learn to positively express how they feel.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Pff is a great foundation, a knowledge base that many kids aren't taught.  It is a vital piece and navigational tool for life.

Kelli McIntosh, M.A - Girls Inc. of Orange County, Elementary Program Coordinator

I am blown away! pff is brilliant! Overall after reading through it, I believe that anyone could jump right in and begin putting pff to use!

Anne Marie Jennison, Mother of 4

Parenting is giving your children the tools to succeed in life. Pocket Full of Feelings equips the family with these valuable tools!

Dr. William Sears, Pediatrician and author of over 30 books for families. Meet Dr. Sears

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